SCCM 2007 / MDT 2012 – DaRT 7.0 Remote Monitoring Integration…

So I proceeded to Integrate DaRT 7.0 off of MDOP into my SCCM/MDT 2012 Environment for the Remote Capabilities. So I turned to one of my favorite Setup and Deployment guys Johan’s Blog. I followed the instructions to the Letter, or so I hope :). I booted into a sequence with my x86 Boot Image and Boom! I had the Remote  Connection listening for an incoming Connect. So I had some success.

So I went to the SCCM Server to test the Remote Connection and I saw the Machine in the Monitoring Tab. I was very excited!! I tried to hit the DaRT Remote Control and got the following message:

I was puzzled at this point because I thought I had followed the steps correctly.

So I ran a quick Process Monitor Trace to see what the Dialog was looking for and where.

Procmon revealed to me that it was looking for the DaRT installation on the Local Machine.

So I installed DaRT 7.0 on the Server and tried again.


I am not sure If I missed a step, but getting it to work is satisfying nonetheless. Hope this helps somebody out! When in doubt, run Procmon…



Application Virtualization Error: Package requested could not be found in system data store..

After setting up the APP-V Server, I attempted to test an application I sequenced to make sure all was well. I picked something simple like XML Notepad. Upon launch of the app on the client I would get error: 0000274d. No connection could be made because the Target Machine actively refused. Great article here: so I restarted the AppV Mgmt Service. Then I got the following error:

I checked my content share, and the OSD tags were not set to the correct ports: RTSP, 554. I correcte that and still, no good.

Then I found the following:

My Content path was set incorrectly in the registry.

I corrected this and still no good.

I finally checked the properties of the Package in the APP-V Mgmt Server and noticed my relative path was incorrect. I was specifying the Full Path by accident–oops.

After fixing this, I stopped and started the APP-V Service. Refreshed the App-V Client, and boom. My Virtual XML Notepad 2007 streamed successfully to my client.


Error 2105: Microsoft App-V Management Server Installation encountered an error…

So while trying to install APP-V 4.5 SP2 Management Server on a 2008 R2 SP1 x64 Host. I ran into a few issues. First I ran into the following: which was basically a missing component in IIS. Then after correcting that I got farther in the Install but towards the end it would bomb with the following:

I tried removing .NET Frame work 4 from the Server which was a suggested fix on a few blogs. This did not work out for me. So I turned to my gold o’l buddy Procmon.

I ran a Process Monitor trace and I ran into a few access denied entries towards the end of the capture. Which lead me to think maybe it was elevation/permission related. I was running as a Domain Admin and UAC prompt was hitting the screen during install. I was running the Setup.MSI so I could monitor the log file etc. Finally it dawned on me to try an elevated Command Prompt with – MSIEXEC /I SETUP.MSI. This worked out and I was able to complete the Installation!! It was something silly and simple, but hope it helps somebody out when you exhaust all your options.