Error 2105: Microsoft App-V Management Server Installation encountered an error…

So while trying to install APP-V 4.5 SP2 Management Server on a 2008 R2 SP1 x64 Host. I ran into a few issues. First I ran into the following: which was basically a missing component in IIS. Then after correcting that I got farther in the Install but towards the end it would bomb with the following:

I tried removing .NET Frame work 4 from the Server which was a suggested fix on a few blogs. This did not work out for me. So I turned to my gold o’l buddy Procmon.

I ran a Process Monitor trace and I ran into a few access denied entries towards the end of the capture. Which lead me to think maybe it was elevation/permission related. I was running as a Domain Admin and UAC prompt was hitting the screen during install. I was running the Setup.MSI so I could monitor the log file etc. Finally it dawned on me to try an elevated Command Prompt with – MSIEXEC /I SETUP.MSI. This worked out and I was able to complete the Installation!! It was something silly and simple, but hope it helps somebody out when you exhaust all your options.



About blazeini
Hey, I'm a Senior Engineer with over 10 years in Microsoft Technologies, including Systems Managment, Automation and Troubleshooting. I also work with VDI products like Citrix XenDesktop. I spend alot of time with SCCM and Windows Deployments, Group Policy, etc. I enjoy what I do, and I spend a majority of time doing what I enjoy, Technology!

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