Application Virtualization Error: Package requested could not be found in system data store..

After setting up the APP-V Server, I attempted to test an application I sequenced to make sure all was well. I picked something simple like XML Notepad. Upon launch of the app on the client I would get error: 0000274d. No connection could be made because the Target Machine actively refused. Great article here: so I restarted the AppV Mgmt Service. Then I got the following error:

I checked my content share, and the OSD tags were not set to the correct ports: RTSP, 554. I correcte that and still, no good.

Then I found the following:

My Content path was set incorrectly in the registry.

I corrected this and still no good.

I finally checked the properties of the Package in the APP-V Mgmt Server and noticed my relative path was incorrect. I was specifying the Full Path by accident–oops.

After fixing this, I stopped and started the APP-V Service. Refreshed the App-V Client, and boom. My Virtual XML Notepad 2007 streamed successfully to my client.



About blazeini
Hey, I'm a Senior Engineer with over 10 years in Microsoft Technologies, including Systems Managment, Automation and Troubleshooting. I also work with VDI products like Citrix XenDesktop. I spend alot of time with SCCM and Windows Deployments, Group Policy, etc. I enjoy what I do, and I spend a majority of time doing what I enjoy, Technology!

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