SCCM 2007 / MDT 2012 – DaRT 7.0 Remote Monitoring Integration…

So I proceeded to Integrate DaRT 7.0 off of MDOP into my SCCM/MDT 2012 Environment for the Remote Capabilities. So I turned to one of my favorite Setup and Deployment guys Johan’s Blog. I followed the instructions to the Letter, or so I hope :). I booted into a sequence with my x86 Boot Image and Boom! I had the Remote  Connection listening for an incoming Connect. So I had some success.

So I went to the SCCM Server to test the Remote Connection and I saw the Machine in the Monitoring Tab. I was very excited!! I tried to hit the DaRT Remote Control and got the following message:

I was puzzled at this point because I thought I had followed the steps correctly.

So I ran a quick Process Monitor Trace to see what the Dialog was looking for and where.

Procmon revealed to me that it was looking for the DaRT installation on the Local Machine.

So I installed DaRT 7.0 on the Server and tried again.


I am not sure If I missed a step, but getting it to work is satisfying nonetheless. Hope this helps somebody out! When in doubt, run Procmon…



About blazeini
Hey, I'm a Senior Engineer with over 10 years in Microsoft Technologies, including Systems Managment, Automation and Troubleshooting. I also work with VDI products like Citrix XenDesktop. I spend alot of time with SCCM and Windows Deployments, Group Policy, etc. I enjoy what I do, and I spend a majority of time doing what I enjoy, Technology!

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